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Workshop of Wonders 2014

Workshop of Wonders VBS

Workshop Of Wonders


Experience God’s transforming love and watch extraordinary things happen at Cokesbury’s Workshop of Wonders (WOW) VBS! You can use simple materials around your church as well as WOW VBS decorating tools to create your own Workshop of Wonders. Kids will use their imaginations and creativity to build their faith. Everyone at your VBS will say “WOW!” to the amazing wonders of God!

WOW VBS will teach kids how God transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary through interactive Bible storytelling, easy crafts, exciting science experiments, terrific games, delicious snacks and energetic music. The Scripture theme is Psalm 77:14a, CEB: “You are the God who works wonders,” and each of daily workshops explores His wonders as kids: Imagine with God, Build with God, Grow with God, Work with God and Walk with God!

Easy, Flexible and Fun!

Directors will be able to customize WOW VBS 2014 to adapt to their church’s needs, whether for size or budget. Directors can choose from three easy and flexible ways to set up their VBS:

1. Activity Center in which kids move around to different stations. This keeps the kids engaged and teachers focused on one specialty: crafts, science, Bible story, games and snacks.

2. Age-Level Classrooms are set up so that kids stay in one classroom with one teacher for most of the activities. The Bible story, craft, games and snacks are all age-appropriate.

3. Create your own workshop to fit your needs. Combine classroom style and activity centers to create a program that fits your needs perfectly! Start in a classroom for your Bible story and craft. Then move to activity centers set up for music, snacks and more.

Creative decorating ideas will help make your WOW VBS set look amazing. You’ll be able to use materials you have around your church as well as use decorating supplies such as the Decorating Mural and VBS Biblical Mural, which makes a perfect background for Bible story time. Giant rulers, blocks and instructions to make your own robot will help you create your own Workshop of Wonders quickly and easily.

Tranforming the Ordinary into Extraordinary!

On each of the five days of Workshop of Wonders VBS, kids will use their hearts, minds and imagination to discover the wonders of God.

Opening and Closing Assemblies.

Through the funny characters of Sandy Paper and Rivet the ant puppet, kids will hear the foundation of each day’s theme and Scripture. The Closing & Reflection time gives kids the chance to reflect on the day’s activities. Assembly leaders can use Rivet the Puppet to bring Rivet to life or simply use the Adventure Video to introduce Dr. WOW, the great inventor, and his assistant Sam, who try to make the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Bible storytelling. Kids will meet people from the Bible who used what they had to make something amazing with God. Kids will follow God’s blueprint for their lives in the interactive story center. They will learn about the Story of Esther (Book of Esther), Rebuilding the Lord’s House (Ezra 3:8-13), Parable of the Mustard Seed (Matthew 13:1-2; 31-32), Feeding the 5,000 (John 6:1-13) and Walking with Emmaus (Luke 24:13-32).

Crafts. Kids will enjoy these age-appropriate crafts. Details, templates and various options are found in the Craft Leader guide along with these fun crafts: Create-a-Story Craft Book, WOW-Bot Photo Frame, Patchwork Piece, WOW Wonder Box, Worship Cross & Rivet Puzzle.

Science. Very cool science experiments reveal God’s wonders: Invisible Ink Messages & Diet Cola and Mentos Geyser, Building a Pulley & Balancing Coins, Make a Lava Lamp & Construct a Terrarium, Lunch Bag Pop & Density Rainbow and Color Journey & Wonder Slime.

Recreation. The Recreation leader can choose from high, medium and and low energy options as well as recreation just for preschoolers. • Music. The music of Workshop of Wonders VBS includes a variety of songs in a variety of tempos that all ages will love. There are 8 original songs and two familiar praise and worship songs.

Snack. At the snack station, kids will find yummy snacks that tie into the WOW VBS theme of the day. Leaders can choose from 3 snack options: EZ Snack, WOW Power Snack and Healthy Snack. The Snack Leaders guide even includes a shopping list!


Workshop of Wonders also has a missions emphasis with its

• Ideas for optional “hands-on” mission projects for each of the 5 sessions

• Information on partnering with a local or national missions organization

• Suggestions for individual and group mission projects

• Curriculum that is easily adaptable you can teach anywhere

Watch Rivet the ant come to life in the free WOW VBS app for smartphone, tablet or computer. The app works with the Scripture treasure trading card and gives 3-D messages from Rivet!


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