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Group Publishing Easy VBS 2014 Weird Animals at a glance:

With the help of five unique and adorable animals, Group’s 2014 Weird Animals VBS will teach kids that even when you feel left out, even though you’re different, even when you don’t understand, even though you do wrong and even when you’re afraid, Jesus still loves you! Read More

Group Publishing Holy Land Adventure 2014 Wilderness Escape at a glance:

In Group's Wilderness Escape VBS, Moses comes to life and teaches kids what happened after he led the Israelites out of Egypt. Kids will join one of the twelve Tribes of Israel and visit Moses's Tent to hear miraculous Bible stories. In the Israelite Camp they will play high-energy games, make crafts and learn why we should trust God today like Moses did in Bible times! Read More


Group 2014 Blast Off at a glance:

At Blast Off Vacation Bible School, kids learn how much God loves them and how to share that love with others. This important Bible point is reinforced in Group's Weekend VBS through Bible stories, a key Bible verse, songs, games and outreach projects. As kids learn "Let us continue to love one another" from 1 John 4:7 they'll discover fun and practical ways they can show love to each other. Read More



SonTreasure Island

Gospel Light 2014 SonTreasure Island at a glance:

You'll find the greatest treasure of all at Gospel Light's SonTreasure Island VBS—God's love! While exploring this tropical island filled with games, crafts, music and snacks, kids will learn how Jesus is the most important part of God's love. Each day a Bible truth from 1 Corinthians 13 helps kids keep their eyes firmly focused on Jesus. Read More



Standard Publishing 2014 Jungle Safari at a glance:

Standard's 2014 Jungle Safari VBS will take kids on a safari that will make a difference in their lives as they learn about God and how to serve Him. Kids will worship, play games, make crafts and enjoy snacks while learning a daily Bible lesson about how God is Creator, Provider, Protector, Savior and King. Read More

Answers in Genesis 2014 International Spy Academy VBS! 

At the International Spy Academy VBS you'll train kids to become special agents for the one true God! It's an adventure you won't want to miss, so put on your spy gear and help kids uncover clues that lead to God and teach Bible truths they won't forget. Kids will graduate from the Academy as members of the Truth Force after the five mission assignments. Read More



Concordia 2014 Gangway to Galilee at a glance:

At Gangway to Galilee VBS 2014 kids will learn all about Jesus' ministry on and around the Sea of Galilee. This fun and flexible VBS from Concordia is focused solely on Jesus and His amazing grace. Through music, challenges, crafts, games and snacks, kids will explore five true Bible stories that tell of when Jesus walked the shores and sailed on the Sea of Galilee. Read More

Abingdon Press 2014 Praise Break at a glance:

Get ready to praise, get ready to party, get ready to celebrate all that God has done with Praise Break VBS 2014 from Abingdon Press. A "praise break" is the point in many church services where people stop and praise the Lord by shouting, dancing or raising a hand of thanks to God. At Praise Break VBS, kids will learn about people in the Bible who had praise breaks. Read More

Regular Baptist Press 2014 Arrow Island at a glance:

Arrow Island VBS from Regular Baptist Press teaches kids the importance of choosing obedience, godly friends, kindness, courage and active faith. But kids today are faced with so many choices, and too often Biblical principles are separated from the choices we make. Arrow Island Vacation Bible School will equip kids to choose God's way in every detail of their lives. Read More

My Healthy Church Presents MEGA Sports Camp at a glance:

Kids focus on one sport during MEGA Sports Camp and during the Coach Huddle a simple Mega Point helps kids learn the truth of the day.Read More