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ChristianEdWarehouse and eChurchDepot have merged into one totally NEW website!

Over the past year, you may have noticed changes as ChristianEdWarehouse has become part of eChurchDepot. Now ChristianEdWarehouse IS eChurchDepot--and both websites have merged onto a totally new eChurchDepot website with many new features to serve you better. Through this merger, you will have continuing access to a huge selection of curriculum and children's ministry resources at great prices--and now you can also order thousands of additional church supply resources at tremendous discounts all with FREE shipping on orders over $99!



Website Merger FAQ's

What happens to my CEW online customer account?

We have transferred all of the customer information from the CEW website to our new eChurchDepot website. If you had an online account on the CEW website, you will be able to utilize your previous username and password to place your orders on the new eChurchDepot website. On our new eChurchDepot website, the customer account tools include some great new features, like the ability to view and copy previous orders, track shipments, access downloads and more! If you need any assistance signing into your account or placing an order, please contact email us at


What happens to my CEW online standing order?

All active standing orders from the CEW website (as of 1/29/2013) are being transferred to the new eChurchDepot website so that you can continue to receive your quarterly curriculum orders without interruption. Specifically, here's the status of your standing order...

  • As of January 18th, we began processing all active CEW standing orders for Spring quarter curriculum. Those orders are ship as soon as the materials are available (and many have already shipped.)
  • By the end of March, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to access and make changes to your standing order on the new eChurchDepot website. Then you will have until April 15 to make changes to your standing order for Summer quarter curriculum.
  • If you have any further questions about your existing standing order or if you would like to set-up a new standing order, please contact

Please note that inactive standing orders have not been transferred to the new eChurchDepot website. If you desire to activate a previously inactive standing order from the CEW website, please contact


What happens to my CEW online Easy Re-Order (ERO)?

Utilizing your online customer account tools on the new eChurchDepot website, you will have the ability to copy previous orders so you do not have to re-enter your order every quarter. That means that once you place your first curriculum order on the new eChurchDepot website, you will have the ability to make a copy order for any future quarters. If you need help placing your first order or with making a copy order, please contact us at

What if I can't find a product I previously ordered on the CEW website?

We made every effort to transfer all currently available products from the CEW website onto the new eChurchDepot website, but we understand that you may need some assistance locating those items the first time you access our new website. If our "search" function didn't locate the item you're looking for, please use our chat function, email us at or call us at 1-800-233-4443 so that we can help you locate the item. In some cases, products that are no longer available may not be included on our new eChurchDepot site.


How will I order and access downloadable products I ordered from the CEW website?

If you previously ordered downloadable products from the CEW website, you will still be able to access those downloads through March 31, 2013 via the original link you received via email. After that date, please contact us at if you need access to downloads that you purchased previously. Going forward, you will find all of the downloads from the CEW website available on the new eChurchDepot website. Ordering and receiving your downloads will work similarly to the CEW site. Once you place your order, you will receive an email with links to your downloads. In addition, your downloads will always be available through your customer account tools menu. If you need assistance with downloadable products, please contact